Meet the Pod

John Basile
Product Manager
A product-minded
Father of 3 tykes and son
To Mother Nature
Connie Chern
Co-Founder, CFO
Let's change the world by
Investing in energy
The future needs now
Ted Fawcett
Co-Founder, CEO
Stronger businesses
Powered by clean energy
Time to act is now
Rob Moellering
Lead Software Engineer
I want to look back
and know that I helped to make
a better future
Gannon Shih
Strategic Finance & Risk Manager
Sun is dropping rays
Energy to run nonstop
Save, invest with us
David Radzihovsky
Director, Business Development
More partner delight
Riding the solar coaster
Let's work together
Addy Spiller
Senior Director, Product Management
Love to innovate
Product made my life complete
Please don't tell my dog!
Dan Rosen
Co-Founder, Chairman
I dont love haikus
Do love solar, coffee, dogs
And orkas. Love them
Dori Rutkevitz
Operating Advisor
Planet rejoices
Festivus for us all
Liquidity now

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